Ontario Raked in $4.3M in Legal Cannabis Sales in January Alone

Vape Products and Edibles Prove To Be Big Sellers For Ontario Cannabis Stores

While the global economy is in steep decline due to the pandemic known as COVID-19, or the novel Coronavirus, one industry we can expect to be minimally impacted is the legal cannabis industry. That’s if recent figures from the Ontario Cannabis Store are any indication.

According to a statement released by the provincial retailer last month, the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) generated a whopping $4.3 million in cannabis 2.0 sales in the month of January alone. That’s a lot of legal weed being doled out.

For those that are unfamiliar, cannabis 2.0 products include vape pens along with cannabis infused beverages, edibles, and topical products.

Of the $4.3 million that the OCS collected in January, $3.77 million was earned from sales of vape products, with the remaining $569,000 generated from edibles. All the sales being reported came from either one of Ontario’s 43 legal cannabis stores or the OCS online store.

If $500K seems a bit low for edibles, that’s because The OCS experienced an edibles shortage earlier this year as supply levels from licensed producers weren’t sufficient enough to meet market demand. Major buzzkill. Here’s hoping that gets resolved soon to help Ontarians cope with all this social distancing.

But what about topicals and beverages? The reason these items didn’t generate any sales was because they hadn’t been released yet. In fact, cannabis infused beverages and topical products didn’t hit the shelves until just last month. So, only time will tell if they catch up in popularity to vaping and edibles.