Seth Rogen Says Weed Is the Reason For His Success in Hollywood

Seth Rogen Thanks Cannabis For “Every Creative Decision” He’s Ever Made

Canadian actor Seth Rogen has made it no secret that he loves weed. Throughout his career, he has starred in countless classic stoner movies like Pineapple Express, and he helped create weed brand Houseplant with friend Evan Goldberg. He’s even lent his platform to political causes relating to cannabis, publicly advocating for the expungement of criminal records belonging to Americans who have committed minor cannabis offenses.

But is cannabis just a side-hobby, or a carefully selected part of his celebrity image? According to the actor, no – in fact, Rogen says weed was vital to his success.


Rogen spoke to Yahoo Entertainment’s Kevin Polowy about a number of topics, from his Jewish background to his work on An American Pickle, a new HBO Max comedy film.

In the new comedy, Rogen plays not one, but two characters. One is Herschel Greenbaum, a tough guy who has been asleep in a vault for 100 years. He awakens in Brooklyn to meet his new roommate and only living relative, a dorky tech designer named Ben – also played by Rogen.

The series largely features Rogen, and the two-roles-one-actor method of production is unsurprising for a show made for the year of social distancing. Rogen admits he enjoyed flying mostly solo on the show:

I liked working with myself a lot more than I like working with most other actors, I can definitely say,” he said. “I’m much more low maintenance. I’m a lot more punctual. I’m rarely on set waiting for myself to show up or emerge from my trailer or finish up a call with my manager or agent. I actually enjoy it.”


Rogen then added that the lonely set of An American Pickle was actually one of the most chill sets he’s ever worked on:

“Other actors stress me out, to be totally honest. And I get nervous around other actors a lot of the time. So, removing that, I think, was actually quite a pleasure.”

An American Pickle isn’t the only out-of-the-box project for Rogen to tackle, and it’s no surprise why Rogen attaches his name to projects like these. Cannabis is a vehicle for creativity, Rogen explains:

“I smoke weed all day every day and have for the past 20 years,” Rogen explained while laughing. “So, I’d say by nature I’m always post-smoke. So, every creative decision you’ve ever seen me make throughout my entire life has been made after smoking weed.”


Considering that Rogen is a cannabis-fueled creative thinker, we’re expecting some really creative projects in the near future from the Superbad star. He did, after all, tell fans that he’s been spending his quarantine days smoking ungodly amounts of weed.

An American Pickle is on HBO Max now.