The Three Hottest Trends Set to Take Over the CBD Market

The Future of CDB – Top Trends to Look Out For

In recent years, CDB products were able to transition away from mostly anecdotal evidence towards medical research and clinical studies. And recent findings have revealed some pretty encouraging results. It’s safe to say that medical professionals and regulators have taken notice, and the market is exploding and on track to becoming a billion-dollar industry. In this article, we’ll explore some of the hottest trends that are set to take over the CBD market and transform the industry.

A Niche Market

The wide appeal of CBD products to dog owners, geriatric folk, and young, health-conscious people has underscored a surge in new products and exploratory efforts to squeeze the most out of cannabis’s second-favourite cannabinoid.

Such endeavours are poised to set the tone in the broader cannabis industry for the next decade. Here are three of the latest CBD trends to keep your eye on.

Consolidation and Verticalization

Emerging markets typically start out highly fragmented and decentralized. Startups compete with each other to absorb the most market share. They tinker with products, business models, and research to gain whatever edge they can. Markets, however, do not remain this way.

As a handful of firms emerge among the competition, industries begin to consolidate, no matter the market. The cycle is the same for Internet giants, information empires (i.e. radio and TV), and commodities. In the CBD market, not only is that path sure to crystalize this year, but it has already begun taking shape.

A more vertically integrated CBD and cannabis market can help mitigate unverified suppliers as supply pipelines are controlled from end-to-end and not subject to the fragmentation that can mask problems.

The Widescale Introduction of CBD Medical Products

Early research results and anecdotal evidence of the medical benefits of CBD are compelling. So much so that it is the spark that ignited the entire market boom we’re currently experiencing. So far, the industry is peppered with boutique offerings of tinctures, vape pens and more, any of which are specious.

Doses for CBD products are still being ironed out, but the opportunity for significant medical breakthroughs is palpable. You can bet the companies that make profits from treating medical ailments, i.e. big pharma, are not going to sit on the sidelines for long.

Medical breakthroughs are often born from tinkering, which can produce accidental discoveries. As technology bolsters the quantity that researchers can analyze in shorter time frames, expect the next decade to be a boon for CBD and broader cannabis research/clinical space as the public sheds its longstanding perceptions of the marijuana plant.

A Buffet of Oddities and Potent Products

Strains of marijuana in the 1970s were much different than what populates the dispensaries today. It was far less potent than and not as diverse. It did not come repurposed as an array of strange and wonderful products.  Throughout the next decade though, you can expect the trend of buffets of CBD products to explode.

Some peculiar items already hitting the shelves include multivitamins infused with CBD, CBD superfoods, bath salts, facial products, and naturally, CBD.

An Industry to Watch Closely

Who knows, by 2030, injections of CBD multivitamins can be a standard go-to. It may even become the norm. The CBD boom that has taken over is crystallizing into a legitimate and thriving industry right before our eyes. There will be all kinds of tinkering and surprises along the way, but one thing is evident: CBD is here to stay.