The Worst Places On Earth To Get High

Think Twice Before Smoking Weed When Traveling To These Destinations

If you live in Canada, you’re probably used to being around weed. Since the federal government legalized the plant nation-wide in 2018, Canadians have been able to smoke, roll, grow, buy, and bake with cannabis – ultimately, with relatively few restrictions.

Unfortunately, the rest of the world isn’t seeing green quite as much. Most countries have stricter ganja guidelines. That being said, it’s important to be cautious when traveling, since Canada’s forgiving cannabis laws won’t make you invincible everywhere else.

Below are a handful of destinations you should think twice about getting high in.

South Korea


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South Korea is particularly tough on cannabis. Not only is the plant illegal for recreational use in the country, but its citizens cannot even use cannabis when in Canada. That’s because South Korean law states that their laws apply to their citizens no matter where they are in the world.

The South Korean Embassy to Canada even tweeted a reminder about this law to its citizens. We recommend keeping this in mind before pressuring anyone visiting from South Korea to smoke with you. (In fact, why pressure anyone at all?)

Saudi Arabia


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This country is particularly tough on cannabis. In fact, many have been beheaded for drug-related convictions, including smuggling cannabis and hashish.

Even personal use of the plant can earn you a tough sentence. A first offender would be lucky with just a lashing or two-year prison sentence.

Amnesty International reports that a handful of countries have executed people with drug convictions over the last few years. Besides Saudi Arabia, the list includes Iran, China, and Singapore – Vietnam and Malaysia are believed to have similar executions, but they are not certain.



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Although hemp is popular in some parts of China, cannabis itself is illegal. Some have learned this the hard way: Jackie Chan’s son, Jaycee, was arrested in 2014 after getting caught with 100 grams of cannabis. He spent six months in jail.

The Chinese government’s approach to limiting cannabis use is also reflected in pop culture. The government often bans music and films worked on by celebrities that have drug charges.



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Most world travelers have heard stories about Singapore’s seemingly tight laws. Activities like selling chewing gum, forgetting to flush a toilet, and feeding pigeons can earn you punishments from fines to imprisonment.

So, as you can imagine, cannabis is a no-go in Singapore. Possession or consumption of cannabis can get you up to ten years in prison, plus a possible fine and caning. In fact, more than 500 grams may result in the death penalty. This is one destination you’d want to play it safe in.

So, You’re Travelling And Want To Get High. What Should You Do?

We’ve only mentioned a handful of countries that crackdown on cannabis. You should always complete thorough research, and ask your travel agent about cannabis if you’re being helped by one. Otherwise, take it from the Government of Canada’s official travel advisory:

“Cannabis is illegal in most countries. If you try to travel internationally with any amount of cannabis in your possession, you could face serious criminal penalties both at home and abroad. You could be denied entry at your destination country if you have previously used cannabis or any substance prohibited by local laws. You could also be denied entry to other countries in the future.”