The Top 10 Best Memes About Weed

The Funniest Stoner Memes on the Internet

Let’s face it, memes are pretty much engrained into our culture at this point. Seriously – think back to a time where you didn’t stumble upon at least one meme in a day. You probably can’t.

With that being said, there’s no better feeling than finding a meme that you relate to so hard that it’s like it was made just for you. Which is why we’ve scoured the interweb for the best memes about weed and have compiled our favourites. Enjoy!

  1. When a Hero Comes Along

You are safe now my sweet child memeThere’s no worse feeling than when you’re kicking back with friends and you run out of weed. But true friends will always have your back, whether its loaning you a lighter or some rolling papers, or sharing their stash. Because that, my friends, is what lasting friendship is made of.

  1. ET Stoned Home

ET Meme

We don’t know about you, but if the worst thing that could come out getting high is turning into ET, we’ll stick with the jazz cabbage.

  1. Sure, Karen

Old lady growing weed meme

There’s nothing more wholesome than having the senior population join the cannabis movement. You’re not fooling us, Karen!

  1. Dammit, Bobby

Booby Hill King of the Hill Meme

Let’s face it, we’ve all had the edible hit way too hard and fast, making it feel like you’re on death’s door and resulting in an existential crisis. If you haven’t – you’re lying!

  1. RIP Billy Mays

Wouldn’t it be amazing if Billy Mays rose from the dead to present an infomercial product that made joints last longer? No? Just us?

  1. Smoking in the White House

Obama 420 sign meme

As if Barack Obama couldn’t get any better, he turns out to be a secret stoner. Seriously though, can he just come back to the White House already?

  1. One Small Step for Snoop, One Giant Leap for Mankind

Snoop Dogg wearing spacesuit meme

Can we just send Snoop to space already? Let’s be real, that plotline would make for a killer stoner movie.

  1. Mr Scott, What You Gonna Do, What You Gonna Do, Make The Weed Come Through

The Office smells memeThe world was truly robbed from getting to experience a stoner Michael Scott. So, for now, we’ll have to settle for this meme.

  1. The Satisfaction of a Job Well Done

Honest work meme

Because we all have that friend that gets a hero complex anytime they lend someone a grinder or papers.

  1. Bringing a Whole New Meaning to the Ring of Fire

Johnny Cash high eating cake in a bush

Johnny Cash just became even more legendary. We’ve all been here before, but to see one of the greatest country artists of all time stoned out of his mind while chowing down on some birthday cake is pretty epic.

That’s it folks! Those are our picks for the funniest memes about weed. We hope they produced a chuckle or two and added a bit of light to your day.