4 Tips For Making the Most of a Disappointing Weed Strain

Not Fully Satisfied With Your Bud? Here Are a Few Things You Can Do With It

We all know that feeling: you’re excited to try a new strain, only to find out that it kind of sucks. Whether it didn’t get you high enough, it got you slightly too high, the smell was off, the taste was off, the texture was weird – there are countless issues that can leave you disappointed.

But we have a no-bud-goes-to-waste mentality, and you should too. With these five tips, you’ll feel reassured that your weed is being put to good use. But, of course, make sure that your weed doesn’t have mold or mildew.

Regift It

Depending on where you live, you might be able to donate your leftover weed to a helpful organization. San Francisco, for example, is home to Weed For Good, an organization that collects lab-tested products for patients who suffer from terminal illnesses.

Even if you don’t have access to something like Weed For Good, you may consider giving your weed to someone who you think might like your particular strain more. Before you trade, though, research your region’s laws, as some places only allow trade of a set amount of weed – or none at all.


Bake It

Edibles are fun to make, thrilling to eat, and they’re a great way to find a use for a bit of leftover weed. If you’ve never made edibles before, why not learn how? If you’ve never eaten one before, we recommend taking it slow by making something small or only eating a small amount. After all, edible highs are like nothing you’ve ever experienced.


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Return It

When clothing doesn’t fit you, you take it back to the store. When you buy the wrong tool for your home, you exchange it at the hardware store. But did you know that some retailers allow you to do the same thing with legally purchased cannabis?

In Canada, cannabis users in each province can expect different options. Quebec, for example, has a hard stance against returns but accepts exchanges for products with mold. In New Brunswick, meanwhile, you may be able to refund or exchange your weed for thirty days after it was purchased. Check out your province’s policy before considering this option.

Liquify It

There are countless ways to consume cannabis, so, if your senses aren’t digging a certain strain, get creative. When you learn how to make cannabis oil, you’ll be ready to able to ingest it, apply it topically, and so much more. While these options won’t necessarily get you high, your body will thank you for not throwing away that weed.


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