5 Factors That Are Affecting Your High

Things That Could Be Making You Less Or More High

Not all highs are created equal. Some last longer, some are stronger, and some inspire different physical experiences. But what factors are contributing to these differences? And can you change them?

There’s actually a science to getting high – after all, marijuana is a plant that can be found in nature. Learn these factors and you’ll be able to experiment your way to the best highs possible.

1. Method

The method used to consume your cannabis is a highly influential factor. There are countless ways to get high: eating an edible, smoking a joint, or taking a bong hit, among many others. These typically lead to different results. Edibles take longer to unleash their effects, but a little patience goes a long way: you’ll achieve a stronger and longer-lasting high with these treats. Bong hits can be tricky for newer users, but a little practice will help you use the tool to maximize the amount of smoke from it.

2. Dosage

Ah, math. Surely not the most fun part of getting high. If you’re willing to work out your dosage, you’ll get the high you’re actually hoping for. After all, an incorrect dosage could make you really sleepy – or really anxious.

Not sure how to do this? Check out this essential THC dosing guide for beginners.

3. Tolerance

As you consume cannabis more and more, you might notice that your tolerance for it is changing. You may be able to “handle” being high with more control, or you might realize that you can take a higher dosage. Keep track of what you’re experiencing to learn more about your tolerance.

4. Environment

The environment in which you smoke could leave a great impact on your high. This could involve the physical landscape – the temperature, the humidity, the season – or it could involve the social environment, like the setting or the people you’re with. If you’ve never consumed marijuana, we recommend trying it with a group of people that you trust. Plenty of people that get high for the first time at a crowded party feel that the experience was more anxiety-inducing than freeing. Others have gotten high with “the wrong crowd” and found that their comfort wasn’t being respected. Do what you feel is right.

5. Strain

Learn about the different kinds of weed. Legally purchased weed often comes in packaging with a detailed description of what you’re consuming.

The difference between THC and CBD – both found in marijuana – is certainly worth knowing. THC is a psychoactive, and it’s responsible for getting you high. CBD, meanwhile, is the compound responsible for the calmness that marijuana brings.

So, there you have it. Understanding the factors that all contribute to a cannabis high is surely he best way make the most out of the experience and feel the full effects.