5 Historic Figures Who Are Rumoured To Have Smoked Weed

The Most Famous Cannabis Lovers in History

When we think of famous people who love cannabis, our minds tend to go to folks from the last half-century: rock stars, rappers, and comedians. Do a bit of digging though, and you’ll find that some of the most memorable names in history books belonged to potheads. You might be surprised by some of these rumoured weed users.

1. William Shakespeare (1554-1616)


William Shakespeare is one of the most influential storytellers of all time – he’s written about 37 plays, including Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet. Whether you’re a Shakespeare fanatic or his stories were the bane of your existence in high school, you’ve got to admit that the man’s work has left its footprint on history.

So, it’s not hard to believe that the playwright put the creative side of his brain into gear by smoking weed. According to a study from South African researchers, tobacco pipe fragments were found at one of Shakespeare’s old properties. Using an advanced testing technique, researchers analyzed their findings to conclude that Shakespeare was likely a weed user, as traces of cannabis were found in the pipe.

2. Queen Victoria (1837-1901)


You probably associate the royal family with elegance and sophistication. But even some of the royals liked to get high, if historians are to be believed. Queen Victoria allegedly suffered from menstrual pain. According to journals, her physician, J.R. Reynolds, recommended cannabis:

“When pure and administered carefully, [cannabis] is one of the most valuable medicines we possess.”

3. Pharaoh Ramesses II (1279-1213 BC)


Pharaoh Ramesses II ruled over ancient Egypt a long time ago. Many called him the Great Ancestor for his wisdom and leadership.

Would you want to be buried with weed? That’s what this ruler did. Scientists found cannabis pollen among the remains of his mummy. This checks out with other findings: historians believe that marijuana was regularly used for medical and religious practices in ancient Egypt.

4. Joan of Arc (1412-1431)


Joan of Arc is considered to be a heroic figure in French history. The saint was born into a peasant village, where villagers used psychoactive healing herbs – yes, that means cannabis. Before being burned at the stake at age 19, she made a profound impact during the Hundred Years War. Using her intuition and divine beliefs, she led the French Army to a massive victory in 1429.

5. John F. Kennedy


JFK had quite a stressful time in the White House, from dealing with the Cold War to his tragic assassination. Stress can take a toll on a person’s body, and JFK had quite the list of conditions: colitis, prostatitis, Addison’s disease, and osteoporosis. In historian Michael O’Brien’s 2005 biography of the president, it’s revealed that JFK dabbled in weed.

“The president smoked three of the six joints Mary brought to him. At first he felt no effects. Then he closed his eyes and refused a fourth joint.”

Being the president of the United States seems like a stressful job – who wouldn’t reach for the joint after a day in the White House?

Who would have thought that weed was used all the way back in ancient Egyptian and Shakespearean Times? It’s pretty cool to think that some of our favourite historical figures were fellow pot heads!

Were you at all surprised by any of the people on this list?