A Look at Canada’s First-Ever 100-Acre Cannabis Farm

Everything You Need to Know About Organic Cannabis

Canada is home to some of the world’s coolest farms, from Quebec’s maple-tinged sugar shacks to Ontario’s trippy hedge-mazes. But one southern Ontario farm in particular is a real sight for stoned eyes: Good:Farm in Brantford, ON. Good:Farm is one of Canada’s first licensed cannabis farms. The farm is a massive landscape of cannabis plants and crops, spanning over 100 acres and is operated by licensed cannabis corporation 48North, which has an impressive line of weed brands from Latitude (a women’s cannabis platform) to Avitas (a single-strain vaporizer cartridge).

Good:Farm makes organic cannabis – and the farm itself harvests some pretty interesting facts as well. See below why we have our eyes on Good:Farm.

Environmentally Friendly Cannabis

What makes a cannabis product environmentally friendly? And why does it matter?

Cannabis products are often grown in a controlled environment, relying on chemicals and pesticides to steer the plant towards a desired outcome. But these chemicals can cause damage to the environment.

When they began developing Good:Farm, 48North realized that consumers care about the environment and would jump at the opportunity to buy a natural weed product.

“Taking environmental stewardship seriously and the development of natural products are core to our identity both because it is the right thing to do, but also because it is what consumers demand today,” said 48North’s chief marketing officer Kirsten Gauthier.

However, growing marijuana without pesticides can be a challenge. Farmers have to consider factors like soil fertility, the type of land they’re working with, and Ontario’s unpredictable climate.

Leveraging  the Power Of the Sun


As photosynthesis occurs, plants rely on light to produce food and grow – and marijuana is no exception. The plants on Good:Farm, however, have the luxury of growing under the greatest light source there is: the sun.

This brings a huge benefit to weed. The sun’s rays contain all colours of the light spectrum, and this helps the photosynthesis process. Weed grown under sunlight often has a better terpene profile and higher levels of cannabinoids (THC, CBD, and THC-A).

A Growing Movement


Stoners in the north have been following Good:Farm’s story since the farm was developed, and the brand has already earned plenty of support. In fact, the farm made history by being the first legal, large-scale, outdoor farm of its kind in over 80 years.

Part of the brand’s success is likely due its status as an organic weed grower. You see the “organic” label at the grocery store all the time, but do you know what it means? The word organic is used to described products that are grown using methods that are friendly to humans, animals, and the environment.

In Canada, organic products should follow four outlined principles that consider health, ecology, fairness, and care. You can learn more here.

Organic weed is a growing niche market, and stoners are letting out their inner hippie, according to National Geographic. Due to the short period of time since Canada and parts of the United States have legalized recreational weed, few growers have actually had the opportunity to officially license themselves as true organic farmers.

As time goes by, we expect more cool natural farms like Good:Farm to pop up in North America.