A Third of Canadians Say They’d Give Weed as a Gift During the Holidays

Stuck on a Gift Idea? Canadians Are Getting High For The Holidays.

Holiday shopping is like pineapple on pizza: you either love it or hate it. For some, picking out presents for loved ones is a total blast. For others, the combination of standing in line, spending loads of money, and struggling to come up with gift ideas can make the holidays feel like the most unbearable time of the year.

If you find yourself struggling to come up with gift ideas, ask a Canadian for help. They’ve got the right idea, according to a new survey.


Weed is a Popular Gift in Canada.

You read that right: Canadians are giving each other weed for the holidays. Weed became legal in Canada in 2018, and over the last few years, the market has grown. A new survey from Toronto-based market research company Maru/Blue asked Canadians to share their thoughts on weed’s role in the holidays. The survey included 1,500 randomly-selected adults — 453 of which had used weed in the last five years.


One Third of Canadians Would Put Cannabis Under The Tree.

Have you ever thought about using cannabis as a stocking stuffer, baking edibles as a holiday treat, or putting a red bow on a new bong? A third of Canadians are with you. According to the survey’s results, 32 percent of participants said they’d give weed as a gift during the holidays.

“Canadians’ openness to gifting cannabis likely has to do with the broader normalization of cannabis,” explained Marta Clark, marketing director for FIGR, a Canadian cannabis brand. “[As] comfort level and cannabis knowledge grows, we’ll continue to see more people giving cannabis products to their loved ones.”

Specifically, participants identified friends as the most ideal recipient for a pot present — 80 percent said they’d give weed as a gift to a friend. Siblings were another popular option at 51 percent, and romantic partners hit 41 percent. Here’s a curveball: 27 percent said they’d consider giving their parents weed as a gift.


What’s On Everyone’s Wish List?

Looking for a gift for the stoner in your life? Here’s what pot-friendly participants are asking for this year:

  • Edibles came in at #1, with 49% of participants indicating that they want some. The holidays make you hungry!
  • Bud was another popular choice, with 36% asking for it.
  • Pre-rolled joints showed up on some lists, with 32% asking for them.
  • Oils are another popular option, as 27% asked for them.

Haven’t we all gotten tired of opening gift cards, candles, and socks? Maybe weed is the next huge holiday present.

“The holidays will already look a little different this year,” explained FIGR president Harvey Carroll, “but it’s exciting to know that Canadians are finding new ways to integrate cannabis into their celebrations and embracing it amongst their traditions.”