Cannabis Entrepreneurs To Compete For $1M On New Reality Show

Reality TV Competition Aiming to Find the “Next Marijuana Millionaire” Gets Delayed

Reality TV has let us become flies on the wall, giving us an inside look at everything from the New Jersey party scene to the world of pageant-obsessed families.

The latest niche area of society to get its own reality show is the cannabis industry.

The debut season of The Next Marijuana Millionaire is expected to hit streaming services soon, giving hopefuls in the booming cannabis industry an opportunity to make a splash. The show gives sixteen competitors a chance to test their business savvy, charisma, and stamina – and the winner gets a million-dollar prize.


The Next Marijuana Millionaire is the creation of entrepreneur Michael “Big Mike” Straumietis. Fans might recognize Big Mike as the CEO of Advanced Nutrients, which is often referred to as the top-selling cannabis fertilizer brand in the world. The competition’s winner is awarded a promising partnership with the businessman, alongside their cash prize.

The show features challenges that “reflect the real-life intensity of trying to make it in today’s booming cannabis industry.”

The full first season of The Next Marijuana Millionaire is expected to launch soon on Amazon Prime, Pluto TV, and Apple TV, among other services. The series was originally scheduled to launch in August, but for unspecified reasons, Big Mike announced that the series would be delayed.

In an Instagram caption, he wrote:

“We have made the decision to delay the premiere in order to ensure we’ve got the best opportunity to do our contestants – and our community – justice.”

He continued, speaking of his high hopes for the show:

“While we are aware this might change some plans for the weekend, we are confident that we are making the right decision to launch this revolutionary show at a moment when it will have the widespread reach and drive tremendous impact for the cannabis community.”

The Delay Has Been Central To A Bit Of Drama


The Facebook page for Sisters of the Valley, a California-based holistic health brand, discussed the delay in a Facebook post – one member of the group is allegedly a contestant on the show, which has already been filmed.

They didn’t sound quite as hopeful as Big Mike:

“The producers aren’t sharing any information,” they wrote. “So as far as we are concerned, it’s been canceled. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that it is so ‘1980’s Apprentice’, with Big Mike making himself look like a Big Shot.”

The post speculates that Amazon Prime may have pulled the show from its list of future programming.

“The ‘handlers’ aren’t saying. They are just saying ‘bigger opportunities, bigger networks, hold on, it’s coming’ which has been the story for two years until recently when they made a big deal about announcing their release date and saying it was on three networks when it’s not going to be on any.”

The post also suggests that fate may have other plans for the show: “you can see the show is cursed,” they write.

Fans will have to stay tuned for an announcement regarding the show’s premiere date – if it ever gets one.