Cannabis Legalization Around the World

Every Country Where Weed is Legal

If you’re travelling, going on a vacation, or moving across the world, you might be curious about your ability to smoke weed in other countries. Can I hit the blunt in Belgium? Can I get fried in France? Use our guide below to learn about the weed laws in dozens of countries.

We’ve divided the countries into three categories. Green light means go! You’ll be able to light up with little trouble, as long as you know what you’re doing and follow legal safety measures. Yellow light means maybe, so take caution and understand the individual consequences a country may place on individuals who use cannabis. Red light means no. You’ll want to avoid using weed in these areas.

The Green Light…Literally

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Cannabis activists have been working hard around the globe to fight for legalization and decriminalization. These countries gave our favourite green plant the green light.



The federal government of Canada legalized recreational marijuana in 2018. The country provides licenses, while provinces take care of distribution and sales.


Uruguay is one of the world’s leaders in weed legalization. The small South American country has never criminalized personal possession of drugs, and recreational cannabis became legal in 2013. This made Uruguay the first country in the modern era to legalize pot.


Eurasian country Georgia legalized the possession and consumption of marijuana in 2018. The country had strict anti-drug laws in the past – you could be jailed up to 14 years for breaking the law. Georgia eventually relaxed, possibly thanks to the country’s drug decriminalization project, the White Noise Movement.

Tread Carefully In These Yellow Light Countries.

Some countries have a complicated relationship with reefer. You’ll want to double-check that you’re not putting yourself in any danger before lighting up in these spots.



Some say Italy has a cannabis culture, but their cannabis laws are tricky: medical marijuana is legal, but possession of small amounts for personal use will catch you a misdemeanor charge – and your passport or driver’s license could be suspended. Mamma mia!



In Australia, it depends on where you go. One Australian state – the Australian Capital Territory – legalized recreational cannabis in 2019. Meanwhile, it is decriminalized in Northern Territory and South Australia. Also, residents can grow two plants and possess 50 grams. We’re still waiting on sales of cannabis to be legalized in the land down under.


Weed laws are a bit of a grey area in Belgium. Cannabis laws in Belgium were significantly reworked in 2010. It’s technically illegal, though adults (over 18 years of age) can possess up to 3 grams. Just be careful!

Red Light Countries: You’ve Been Warned



In Denmark, cannabis-related offences earn you a totally harsh punishment: a fine or imprisonment for up to two years. However, the country launched a 4-year pilot program for medical marijuana in 2018.


Though a few cannabis-derived products are legal in France for medical purposes, the country is pretty strict with recreational pot. As of 2018, possession can leave you with a 200 euro fine – that’s about $226 U.S. dollars. C’est mal!


China is certainly not somewhere you’ll want to light up. It’s been illegal since 1955, but China has an interesting history with cannabis. It was a major exporter of hash in the 19th century.

So, there you have it. Next time you hop on a plane to travel around the globe, keep this guide in mind before lighting up to avoid any legal consequences.