Carlos Santana Launches Cannabis Brand

Legendary Guitarist Believes in Spiritual Use of Cannabis

Over the years, we’ve seen countless musicians throw their hats in the cannabis industry ring. It seems like everyone has their own strain of weed on the market these days, from long-time legends like Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson to hip-hop newcomers like Ty Dolla $ign.

The latest star to launch their own weed strain is one we’re excited about: legendary guitarist Carlos Santana.



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Santana launched his brand, Mirayo, in October. Mirayo’s lineup offers a series of tempting strains with psychedelic packaging. Even the strains’ names are intriguing: Sativa is “radiance,” hybrid is “symmetry,” and India is “centered.” 

“By lifting veils of illusion and stress, cannabis opens corridors to divine wisdom, universal oneness, and the treasure of our individuality,” Santana wrote in a note on Mirayo’s website.

Clearly, Mirayo has an emphasis on mindfulness and spirituality. That perfectly pairs with the feeling Santana’s music yields.

Santana created Mirayo through a partnership with Left Coast Ventures, cannabis, and hemp company that is no stranger to collaborating with musicians. They’ve launched plenty of rockstar strains, including Mind Your Head with Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart, and Marley Natural with the Bob Marley estate.


Cannabis Has Always Been Important To Santana

Santana formed his self-titled band in the 1960s. They spent the next few decades cementing their legacy with records that brilliantly combined psychedelic rock, jazz fusion, and Latin music. At the turn of the millennium, Santana found mainstream success collaborating with stars like Rob Thomas, Michelle Branch, and Chad Kroeger of Nickelback. If you don’t recognize the songs by their name, you’ll recognize their enchanting guitar riffs.



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Santana’s music is great to get high to, but the plant is more than just a recreational treat to the guitarist. 

“In Autlan, Mexico, and later in Tijuana, my mother would make salves of cannabis to relieve various pains and symptoms,” Santana explained. “Maybe that’s why I think of cannabis as a medicine more than a drug. Drugs are made in a lab. Medicine is made by a beam of sunlight into plants. For me, cannabis is a blessing worth sharing.”

Beyond its pain-relieving properties, Santana cites cannabis’ ability to “enhance meditative reflection, sensual perception, and creative expression.”

Santana’s use of cannabis isn’t just tactical – it’s spiritual.


“If you’ve been to a Santana concert, you may have heard me take a minute between songs to advocate the spiritual use of cannabis. Why? I’ll explain it this way: I’m a flame-keeper for the spiritual revolution that made a happening like Woodstock possible: the striving of universal love.”

We’re stoked to see Santana carry his vision of spirituality into the cannabis market, and we’re excited to see what products Mirayo will offer next.