Celebrities Who Smoke – Part 2

Even More Secret Celebrity Stoners

Couldn’t get enough of part 1? Neither could we! Here are even more surprising secret celebrity stoners.

1. Justin Timberlake

You wouldn’t know it based on his squeaky clean boy band image, but JT was just like us back in his teen/college years and liked to smoke pot to help him shut off his brain for a bit. Who knew?

2. Cameron Diaz

The ultimate 90s girl crush, Cameron Diaz, wasn’t your typical high school stoner. Not only was she a classmate of the one and only Snoop Dog, but she bought weed from him as well!

3. Oprah

Probably one of the biggest shockers on this list, Oprah used to be a bit of a stoner back in the day. While she recently revealed that she hasn’t touched weed since 1982, we can sleep happy knowing that Oprah has a stoner side.

4. Morgan Freeman

While Morgan Freeman hasn’t come out and said that he smokes weed, he has been vocal in his opposition of criminalizing cannabis. Which probably means he knows how to roll a joint or two.

5. Kirsten Dunst

Another vocal supporter of Cannabis, Dunst has said in interviews that she’s a long-time pot smoker, and referred to America’s views on cannabis as “ridiculous.”

So, there you have it. Another list of celebrity smokers to make Hollywood a tad more relatable. Did any of these celebs surprise you at all?