Celebrities Who Smoke – Part 3

Celebrities That Not-So-Secretly Like Weed

You didn’t think we made it through every single celebrity stoner, did you? Here are a few more that might surprise you!

1. Brad Pitt

Great actor and a stoner? It’s official, Brad Pitt is a total legend. Not only is the actor a longtime stoner – he claims he spent most of the 90s getting stoned while hiding from the paparazzi – but rumour has it he rolls the best joint in Hollywood.

2. Kylie Jenner

Like her older sister Khloe, Kylie has never come out and said that she smokes weed. However, if a recently deleted photo of the makeup mogul smoking a joint from her Instagram is any indication, she’s a total stoner just like the rest of us. Unfortunately, Kylie received so much backlash from the photo that it was swiftly deleted and never mentioned again.

3. Matthew McConaughey

Alright, alright, alright. Turns out this actor wasn’t just acting during the iconic 90s flick, Dazed and Confused. It’s been rumoured that McConaughey loves to indulge in the green on movie sets (off-camera of course). In fact, he was once arrested for marijuana possession back in 1999 at 2 AM while playing the bongos buck naked. That, my friends, is how legends are born.

4. Cardi B

It should come as no surprise that rap superstar Cardi B smokes weed – well, used to, if you take her word for it. While Cardi used to be a total stoner, she’s scaled back in recent years, claiming it makes her feel anxious.

5. Jay Z

Wondering where Jay Z gets his musical inspiration from? As it turns out, the answer is good old cannabis. The legendary rapper has revealed that he likes to indulge in cannabis to help get the creative juices flowing when writing music. Who knew?

That’s it, folks! Our final roundup up secret and not so secret celebrity stoners. Which one surprised you the most?