Did You Know You Can Make A Pipe Out Of A Piece Of Fruit? – Here’s How

How To Smoke Cannabis With Food Laying Around In Your Fridge

You’ve got high from a joint, a bong, a pipe, and every other common method. But you haven’t truly experienced cannabis until you smoke it out of a piece of fruit. That’s right – you can smoke weed out of pretty much anything if you’re crafty enough.

In fact, Thrillist writer Jeremy Glass grabbed a whole fruit basket’s worth of produce, turned each fruit into a makeshift pipe, and got high from each one. He then ranked each experience.

Hold On – What Do I Need To Turn A Piece Of Fruit Into A Pipe?

You have options! You might consider using one of these tools to carve a bowl into your soon-to-be produce pipe. A potato peeler has a good edge – we think it’s the perfect tool to use for most fruits. A metal or bamboo skewer might also do the trick, or you could use a paring knife, a coffee spoon, a pumpkin carving knife, or even a hollow plastic pen’s casing.

“It’s actually really easy to turn a fruit—any fruit—into a functioning pipe,” Glass explained. “Depending on the size of what you’re working with, you can skewer the produce diagonally […] to create a hole that functions as both a chamber and mouthpiece with a passageway in the middle.”

So, What Fruit Should I Use?

Again, you have options.

Apples are the most popular option, and there’s a reason why. The shape and size are perfect for a pipe, and they’re easy to operate on.

Meanwhile, bananas can be one of the trickier choices. Even before it ripens, a banana is relatively squishy, and you can accidentally destroy it within seconds of starting your pipe project. Glass agreed:

“Honestly, there was zero pull to the banana. I couldn’t get even the tiniest hit.”

If you’re handy enough to pull off a banana bong, we suggest using the peel as a protective case around the banana after opening it.

A similarly-shaped object that might do the trick is the cucumber. Leafly suggests adding a bowl about a third of the way up the cucumber using a potato peeler. Then, slide a skewer down the middle.

If you want to try something sturdier, consider using a melon. Glass picked the melon as one of the top choices for a fruit pipe:

“This particular melon was incredibly easy to turn into a fully-functional pipe. It held up damn well under the power of a piercing pencil,” he said.

At the end of the day, D.I.Y. weed projects are all about creativity. So, don’t wait for an article to tell you which fruit you should try transforming into a pipe – take a trip to your local farmer’s market and find what speaks to you.