Driving With Cannabis

What Are the Laws For Driving With Cannabis in Your Car?

Driving while high may still be illegal, but did you know that you can still have cannabis on you while in the car? Learn more about what the law says when it comes to driving with weed.


First thing’s first, in Canada, if you do bring weed with you in the car, it needs to be in a sealed container away from the driver. And no, this doesn’t mean in the passenger seat. It must be stored away either in the trunk or on a rooftop storage rack.

According to provincial laws in Ontario, cannabis cannot be transported in a motor vehicle such as a car or boat if it is:

  • open (“unfastened”) and not in its original packaging
  • not packed in baggage and is readily available to anyone in the vehicle

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As previously mentioned, driving while high is still illegal in both Canada and the US. However, that hasn’t been much of a deterrent, as around 80% of people that smoke weed have admitted to driving while high. 


This can have some pretty hefty legal penalties though. If you’re caught by a police officer driving while high, it could result in arrest and/or jail time and fines ranging from $500 to $5,000. That’s a steep price to pay for smoking and driving.

What do you think about these cannabis driving laws? Do you think they’re too strict?