Here’s What Will Happen If You Eat Raw Cannabis

Spoiler –  It Won’t Get You High

In the world of nutrition and wellness, raw foods are currently all the rage. Fruits and veggies that haven’t been refined or processed are being celebrated for their health benefits – and so is cannabis.

Wait – raw cannabis? Yes, it’s true. Sprinkling raw cannabis leaves into a salad sounds silly, but are there benefits to consuming the plant in its most natural form? Keep reading to learn about the science behind the raw cannabis craze.

The Truth About Raw Cannabis


There’s a lot of confusion surrounding raw cannabis. Mistakenly, some cannabis users add shreds of raw cannabis to their edibles, thinking it will give the dish’s consumer a stronger high.

This is false. Surprisingly, raw cannabis won’t get you high. That’s because cannabis must go through a process called decarboxylation in order for the THC to become effective enough to produce that ‘high’ feeling.

Here’s what you need to know about decarboxylation. Two factors come into play during this process: heat and time. It’s been estimated that the THC in cannabis will begin to decarboxylate after being kept at 220 degrees Farenheit for at least 30 minutes of exposure, but some choose to extend the length of the process.

Obviously, if you’re consuming cannabis in its raw form, you’re skipping the decarboxylation process.

Raw Weed Won’t Get You High – So What Will It Do?


The benefits of consuming raw cannabis have nothing to do with getting high. The benefits most often cited are disease prevention, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Specifically, raw cannabis is high in Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium, and Folate. These are relevant to blood clotting, immune systems, blood oxygenation, bone health, DNA repair, and so much more.

By choosing to consume weed without smoking it, you also pass up all the health-related drawbacks that come from other methods of consumption.

Here’s The Best Way To Consume Raw Weed


No one expects you to simply munch on a cannabis plant, but if you want to, that’s your call. Otherwise, try this delicious method of raw cannabis consumption.

Juicing is popular in the health community, and for good reason. It’s fun to mix creative combos of fruits and veggies into delicious juices and smoothies. Why not let cannabis be the next superfood to join your juice?

To effectively juice with cannabis, roll the plant’s leaves tightly into a cylinder shape. This will help them blend easier. Second, you’ll want to feed them into the juicer alongside larger fruits or vegetables. Chunks of fruit will latch onto the cannabis.

Juicers are expensive, so if they’re not in your budget, try adding raw cannabis to your smoothie or try it in a cooked dish.