How To Get High Without Annoying Your Neighbours

Tips For Being Discreet When Smoking Weed

You light up a joint in your front yard to cool down after a long day. Everything’s fine until you catch your neighbour sneering at you from across the fence. Suddenly, the vibe is off.

Having neighbours that don’t approve of your cannabis habit can be frustrating, and it’s a universally-relatable problem. Even in places where recreational cannabis use is legal, users find themselves on the receiving end of complaints from nasty neighbours.

In a perfect world, your neighbours would mind their own business – after all, cannabis is the plant of peace. If you can’t shake off your neighbours, try these tips instead – you’ll still be able to enjoy your weed, while limiting the possibility of facing the wrath of a nosy neighbour.

Choose The Right Method


Consider which method of using cannabis will less likely attract unwanted attention. Edibles and topical treatments, for example, offer a more discreet way to get high.

If you’re worried about your neighbours picking up on the scent of cannabis, we recommend staying away from joints, as these offer the smelliest stench. Vaporizers offer another lowkey method of getting high.

Accessories Are Your Friend


Accessories aren’t just there for aesthetic purposes, some actually help you disguise the smoke produced by your joints.

Air fresheners usually don’t do the trick. Cannabolish, on the other hand, makes effective candles and sprays that truly cover up the smell of cannabis.

The Smoke Trap, meanwhile, absorbs the scent of smoke when you blow into it.

You may even choose a pipe that’s designed to be discreet. The Path Pipe from Smoke Honest was designed to look like a technological household device, but this sleek pipe actually offers the full cannabis experience.

Thinking of using a candle to cover up the stench? Try lighting one of these.

In An Apartment? Consider These Tips

How can you consume cannabis without a dedicated outdoor space, like a front porch or a backyard? Cannabis users who live in apartments definitely have a harder time getting high.

First, it’s smart to know the ins and outs of your apartment’s rules. If your building is owned by a property company, you’ll likely have access to a handbook of rules and regulations that pertain to your building. Otherwise, your landlord should make the rules clear to you. By knowing these rules, you’ll be ready to defend yourself should any issues arise.

Discreet methods of getting high fare much better in an apartment. Edibles, topical treatments, and vaporizers are almost certainly the way to go. Burning raw flower is a far more dangerous option. If you are going to go the traditional route, make use of your windows and kitchen and bathroom fans – you’ll want to dilute the smoke as much as possible.