How To Make Your Own Bong

Can’t Find Your Bong? Check Out These DIY Tips

Everyone has their preferred way to consume cannabis. Maybe you like a classic joint, edibles, or a party classic: taking bong hits.


Bongs are a favourite for a reason, but they aren’t always convenient. Sometimes they break, and they’re not exactly discrete. But, if you’ve ever thought about making your own bong, we’ve got the steps below.

What Will I Need?


For this D.I.Y. bong, you’ll need a pen with a metal tip, an empty water bottle, a lighter, ground cannabis, and gum.

Before you continue, keep in mind that plastic unleashes chemicals when it is burned – thus, there is a health risk in using this makeshift bong. We recommend getting your hands on a real, glass bong instead. But if you’re in a real bind, try this with caution.

Step One: Construct Your Shaft


First, you’ll need to make what is essentially a “pen pipe.” Cannabis culture website Herb has posted a lengthy instructional article on how to make this.

Here’s the gist of it: You’ll want to use a metal pen, or at least a pen with a metal top that can be unscrewed and removed. After removing the top, use a butter knife and carefully pop out the bottom or any part blocking the entrance. Remove the parts you won’t need, like the ink tube and the spring. Turn the metal screw upside-down and put the pointed end into the pen’s shaft – make sure it’s firmly placed. You’re ready for the next step!

Step Two: Shape Your Bottle


Now that you’re ready to shape your water bottle, you’ll need to make sure that it’s empty. Remove the cap, too. You’ll need to burn a small hole around the bottom third of the bottle – be careful, and don’t make the hole too big. Once the hole opens, quickly put the pen-pipe through the hole. You’ll need to do this while the plastic is still hot, so the bottle molds around the pipe.

Step Three: Create Insulation


Here’s the tasty part: chew your gum, but don’t swallow it. You’ll need it to create further insulation around your pen pipe. Wrap the gum around where the shaft of the pen connects to the bottle.

Step Four: Fill Your Bottle


It’s time to add water, but consider how much water you’re adding. If you let the water rise over where the pen penetrates the bottle, the gum may become soaked and your bong will fall apart. Fill it just a bit lower.

Step Five: Enjoy!


The last thing you need to do is fill the metal pen tip with marijuana, and light it while inhaling through the top of the bottle. Does it feel as good as a real glass bong? Ehh, maybe not. But when the going gets rough, you’ve got to get crafty.