Influencer Earns $60K a Month Smoking Weed on Instagram

IG Model Uses Cannabis to Help Cope With Depression

Getting paid to smoke weed and post it on Instagram sounds like a dream job. But to the California-based model known as Sewkey, it’s not just a job – it’s a way forward.

Sewkey, 29, used to earn $9 an hour as a waitress while struggling with depression and anxiety.

Eventually, she turned to lingerie modeling on Instagram, and her paycheques are certainly looking different: she reportedly brings in $60,000 a month.

“I was suffering from depression for some time after going through some traumatic experiences and I was honestly confused as to where I was headed in life,” she told UNILAD.

Sewkey describes social media as a “reset button,” allowing her to have an escape from the trauma and stress she had been experiencing. But who would’ve thought that social networking would’ve been such a successful venture?

Perhaps the stereotype of Instagram modeling being vapid is all wrong.

“I made this calculated and determined decision to become an Instagram model. It was an extremely good way to keep me focused on setting goals. A way to keep my mind from wandering, and was a big help to my mental state.”

Marijuana is a huge part of Sewkey’s personal branding. She’s a cannabis fanatic, and has found the drug to be therapeutic.



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Roll Roll Roll Your Dope, Twist it at the end…

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“I enjoy rolling joints. it’s extremely relaxing,” she said, also admitting that she smokes up to 20 joints per day.

“The reason I incorporated cannabis into my brand is because I love to smoke, I’m a true stoner. Being that I have a fanbase now, I felt that making the footprint in the cannabis world is a main goal for me.”

Sewkey’s social media posts differ: “I get to chill, smoke, and be myself; goofy, sexy and cute,” she explains. She’s filmed herself smoking, posted workouts on Instagram live, shared cool pictures of weed landmarks, and even her dogs have made cameos – who doesn’t love a dog pic?



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Wake & Bake – Rise & Grind – Stay Positive & Focused – DO NOT GIVE UP! – link in bio to subscribe now for 50% off –

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But the key to most of Sewkey’s posts is sexiness; see for yourself.

Sewkey is also brand ambassador for Raw Rolling Papers, and has her own strain called Ramen. But Sewkey hopes to create her own cannabis brand altogether. With 286,000 Instagram followers, she shouldn’t have a hard time marketing her brand.