Everything You Need To Know About CBD Hand Sanitizer

 Is CBD Hand Sanitizer Worth The Hype?

The booming cannabis industry has introduced dozens of helpful CBD-infused products. We’ve seen CBD skincare, CBD beverages, and much more.

One product has been on every CBD enthusiast’s mind since the pandemic started? CBD-infused hand sanitizer. They’ve literally thought of everything.

While most CBD users are aware of the cannabinoid’s health benefits, do these benefits surface when applied as hand sanitizer? And is CBD hand sanitizer actually effective?

First, What Exactly Is CBD?

CBD is a chemical compound found in marijuana and hemp. CBD is a cannabinoid, which is something located in cannabis. CBD is one of the two most commonly recognized cannabinoids, while tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the other.

CBD and THC are very different. THC creates a psychoactive effect and gets you high. CBD, meanwhile, has no cognitive effect, but plenty of research is being done to understand its various health benefits. Most cannabis-based products will list percentages of how much CBD and THC is included – in fact, many products have no THC at all.

Here’s Why Some People Are Turning To CBD Hand Sanitizer

Some studies have found that CBD has antibacterial properties. This study from 2008, published in the Journal of Natural Products, is often cited:

“Marijuana (Cannabis sativa) has long been known to contain antibacterial cannabinoids,” it says.

Since the purpose of hand sanitizer is to kill harmful bacteria, the inclusion of CBD should, theoretically, make the sanitizer stronger.

Many find hand sanitizer to be gross or to sting their skin. CBD is believed to help with pain management and anti-inflammatory control, so these qualities may make the application of the sanitizer to be a more comfortable process.

Still, CBD products like this are very new, and more research needs to be done before an official, scientifically-proven declaration can be made as to whether or not a CBD-infused sanitizer is actually stronger.

Where Can I Find CBD Hand Sanitizer?

The availability of any CBD-infused product will depend on the laws of your region. Some states, for example, do not allow the purchase or sale of cannabis-infused products.

You may find CBD hand sanitizer at a dispensary, a health store, or even a skincare store. If going to a physical shop isn’t what you had in mind, you may also choose to purchase one online, and you have plenty of options. Happy hunting!