Mike Tyson Is Planning To 3D Print Cannabis Products

Innovative CBD Drinks Coming Soon From Mike Tyson’s The Ranch Companies

Imagine being able to make a beverage out of a printer and get high from it. Now imagine that Mike Tyson is the man responsible for that beverage.


That might sound like something that would only happen in a weird, hazy dream – but it’s actually not far off from what CBD users will experience in the near future.

Mike Tyson’s cannabis company, The Ranch Companies, plans to make cannabis-based beverages made from 3D-printers. His company has made a similar product before – they launched a line of flavored CBD beverages called DWIINK in 2019 – but they’ve never made something as innovative as their latest venture.

3D-printing typically requires a license, and The Ranch Companies has acquired a global license to do something you probably haven’t even considered a possibility – they’ll print cannabis products.

The Ranch Companies partnered with Smart Cups, a company that created the world’s first printed beverage. Smart Cups will license its IP to the Ranch Companies as part of this deal. The Ranch Companies will, according to Forbes, “print ingestible cannabis products with accurate and consistent dosing.”

Rob Hickman, CEO of The Ranch Companies, explains that correct dosing is a high priority for the company in its product development, and using 3D printers will help.

“We have partnered with top research universities to collect critical clinical data supporting CBD for medicinal purposes and pain relief. The Smart Cups Technology is a new delivery system which we believe will set new standards in this industry.”

Meanwhile, Mike Tyson himself has hyped up the venture:

“I mean, when you look at what they are doing, it is really cool. I see the long-term benefits it will have – helping people be confident and understanding proper dosing. It is important to know what we are putting in our bodies.”

Smart Cups Uses A Scientific Process To 3D Print Beverages


If 3D printing a marijuana-based beverage seems like a wild concept to grasp, that’s because it is – it involves very advanced micro-encapsulation printing technology. Here’s how it works:

Smart Cups prints active and flavor ingredients into a substrate, which is an underlying layer within a chemical reaction. This process eliminates the cost and carbon footprint that would come from transporting all the liquid that would normally go in a beverage.

Plant-based products are also infused into the substrate, which is then embedded into a bioplastic-based cup.

When Will These Products Launch?

These products don’t have an official launch date or name. But officials from The Ranch Companies say that they’re developing plenty of products using Smart Cups’ printing technology. As it stands, they must wait for legal rulings that pertain to the consumption of CBD.

“Once that occurs, we will aim for national distribution,” said Hickman.



Photo Credit: Mike Tyson at SXSW 2011, Eduardo Merille, https://www.flickr.com/photos/31732098@N00/5560148826