Study Finds Boomers Use Medical Cannabis More Than Millennials

Researchers Compare Millennial And Boomer Weed Habits – And The Findings Are Shocking

Boomers and millennials have been at odds for a while now. Millennials have had their reputation dragged through the mud, having been blamed for destroying just about every industry. Meanwhile, boomers are probably sick of the phrase “okay boomer” and being called Karen.

Just when it seems like nothing can end the war between these two generations, research has emerged, showing there is a lot more common ground between boomers and millennials after all. It turns out that, surprisingly, both generations love weed.

The data was published this summer by the cannabis company Verilife. It breaks down the similarities and differences between younger and older cannabis users, based on results from a survey issued to 2,000 cannabis users.

Here’s what they found.


Boomers Use Medicinal Cannabis Twice As Often As Millennials

The reasons why each generation uses cannabis appears to be one of the most noticeable differences. Millennials are twice as likely to use cannabis recreationally as they would medicinally. The opposite is true for boomers.

For boomers, there were plenty of health-related reasons to consume the plant – arthritis, chronic pain, and cancer were the top three, according to the survey.

Both generations reported that relaxation was the top reason to use cannabis recreationally, with anxiety and social reasons among both generations’ top three.


Both Generations Have Similar Consumption Preferences

When participants were asked what their most preferred way to consume cannabis was, both groups reported similar results. Inhaling cannabis, via a pipe, joint, or blunt, proved to be the top choice for millennials and boomers. Methods like edibles and vapes were relatively popular among both groups, while tinctures, dabs, and topical applications were less popular among both groups.

Boomers and millennials were on the same page for all consumption styles, except for the second-most popular option for boomers.

Here’s How Each Generation Talks To Their Doctor About Cannabis

Boomers are more likely to talk to their doctor about their weed habits than millennials – 60 percent compared to 46 percent. Both groups almost entirely believe that cannabis has medical benefits, but only one group trusts their doctor to talk about it. According to the results, 63 percent of boomers feel that their medical provider gives accurate information on the benefits of cannabis, while only 38 percent of millennials stated the same.

This Isn’t The First Study On Boomers Who Love Cannabis


A recent study in the Annals of Internal Medicine looked at habits of older cannabis users and found that the amount of Americans in the 65-69 age group who use weed has jumped rapidly.

Cannabis advocacy group NORML commented on the research, with NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano saying:

These results are to be expected. Many seniors likely experimented first-hand with cannabis during their youth and are now returning to it as a potential therapy to mitigate many of the health-related symptoms associated with older age, including chronic pain. Many seniors are well aware of the litany of serious adverse side-effects associated with available prescription drugs, like opioids, and they perceive medical cannabis to be a viable alternative.”

Plenty of other studies have looked at the link between medical cannabis use and senior populations. One study associated cannabis with improved quality of life, while another found that the plant was specifically helpful to chronic disease patients.

If you thought that boomers sneered at younger cannabis users, you should think again, considering research like this. Maybe the two generations should put their differences aside and try passing the joint instead of passing judgment.