Willie Nelson Once Smoked Weed At the White House with A President’s son

New Documentary Reveals Details About Country Legend Getting High With Jimmy Carter’s Son

New details about one of country music superstar Willie Nelson’s infamous stoner stories have finally emerged.

For decades, fans have been entertained with an anecdote about a smoke session like no other. Nelson, now 87, wrote in his 1988 autobiography, Willie, that he once smoked weed on top of the white house.

“My companion on the roof was pointing out to me the sights and layout of how the streets run in Washington,” he wrote. “I let the weed cover me with a pleasing cloud… I guess the roof of the White House is the safest place to smoke dope.”

He never publicly identified who the companion actually was, but rumors have swirled for a long time that it was James ‘Chip’ Carter, the son of President Jimmy Carter.

Finally, the singer put the rumors to rest in his 2015 book, It’s a Long Story: My Life. In the book, Nelson wrote that it was indeed Chip Carter on the roof with him. Nelson writes that it was all Carter’s idea.


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Basically, Carter pulled out a joint and asked Nelson to join him: “Think it’s time to burn one, Willie if you don’t object.”

Being the stoner that he is, Nelson agreed to come along.

“I accepted the offer. The smoke took the edge off my excitement… There I was smoking weed and watching the city lights flicker like fireflies,” he wrote.

“Getting stoned on the roof of the White House, you can’t help but turn inward. Certain philosophical questions come to mind, like… How the fuck did I get here?”


So, Why Are We Talking About This Again Now?

Carter’s involvement in the story was recently brought to light again through the trailer of a new documentary about the President. Titled “Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President,” the doc explores the President’s relationship with rock music and the fact that he was the first president to embrace pop culture. The President, who was once a peanut farmer, may not seem hip on the surface, but, in his campaign, he used rock music in a way that had never been seen before.

The documentary goes in-depth on Carter’s relationship with musical acts like Bob Dylan, U2, and, of course, Willie Nelson. The trailer, which you can watch here, shines a light on Nelson’s story:

“When Willie Nelson wrote his autobiography, he confessed that he smoked pot in the White House and he says that his companion was one of the servants of the White House,” Jimmy Carter says in the trailer. “It actually was one of my sons.”

Knowing Nelson, smoking a joint on top of a historic U.S. landmark with a President’s son seems like something he would do.


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