How to Incorporate CBD into Your Everyday

5 Ways To Take CBD Products

Cannabinoid (CBD) is one of the hottest things to hit both the stoner community and the health industry.

For those who are unfamiliar, CBD is one of the two main chemicals in weed – the other being tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). While THC is what gets you high, CBD has a wide variety of purposes. It can help with anxiety and even relieve pain.


As countless CBD products hit shelves, you might be overwhelmed by your options. Here, we’ve broken down the five most popular ways to consume CBD products.

Apply It Topically

Got pain? One of the most popular ways to treat your sore body is to apply CBD topically. That means rubbing a CBD-based lotion, ointment or cream directly onto the muscle or joint that needs relief. With topical CBD products, you can relieve cramps, muscle spasms, soreness, and pain in areas like your knees, neck and joints. What’s great about topical CBD products is that, unlike other products that enter the body’s bloodstream, these will seep into the skin’s pores, leading to more effective relief.


Patch It Up

Transdermal patches are everywhere. You’ve heard about nicotine patches to help cigarette smokers quit, and there’s a birth control patch too. The latest patch to hit shelves is a must for CBD fans: it slowly delivers cannabis-based oils through the skin’s capillaries, and sends the product into the bloodstream. Patches like these are easy to use, and it’s easy to control your consumption of CBD since you can take the patch off at any time.


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Take A Bite

Calling all snackaholics: there are CBD-based drinks, cereals, chips, and candies. Yum. Cannabinoid treats recently became a huge trend, and it’s only going to keep growing. Since these products have to pass through the digestive system, we don’t recommend CBD snacks for quick relief.


Try A Spray Or Dropper

Some CBD users may prefer a sublingual product: a spray or a dropped place under the tongue. These products work in a relatively short time. We recommend considering the CBD:THC ratio while choosing the best sublingual product for your body.


Breathe It In

This is the classic approach to CBD: smoke it or vape it. Obviously, you’ll want to consider the CBD:THC ratio, and pick something with far more CBD to truly prioritize that category of effects. You also have other options to consider. For example, a study found that vaping will allow you to absorb up to 33 percent of the product’s cannabinoids. You may also choose to add something to your vaporizer, like vape juice. Customize it how you like it!


So, there you have it. Those are a few of the ways you can incorporate CBD into your regular routine.