Seth Rogen Asks B.C. Residents To Flatten The Curve By Smoking Weed At Home

“Stay Home And ‘Smoke Weed,” Says Rogen In Response To Province’s Call To End Large Gatherings

When the Premier of British Columbia called on young people to do their part in flattening the curve, some of Hollywood’s funniest celebs responded.

“We need young people to understand that now is not the time to go to large parties,” Premier John Horgan tweeted, attaching a video of a press conference he spoke at.

He called on Canadian stars Ryan Reynolds and Seth Rogen to help spread the message, and they offered a response filled with humor, and in Rogen’s case, an appreciation for weed.

Reynolds, who plays Deadpool in the Marvel Universe, replied with an audio message. “Yeah, young people in B.C. are partying, which is, of course, dangerous, and they probably don’t know that thousands of young people are not just getting sick from coronavirus but they are also dying from it too,” he said.

He followed by adding that B.C. is home to “some of the coolest older people on Earth,” which he explains are David Suzuki and his mom.

“She doesn’t want to be cooped up in her apartment all day. She wants to be out cruising Kitsilano Beach looking for some thirtysomething Abercrombie burnout to go full Mrs. Robinson on,” he joked.

He ended the message with a simple request: “I hope young people in B.C. don’t kill my mom frankly. Or David Suzuki. Or each other. Let’s not kill anyone.”

Horgan thanked Reynolds, tweeting, “You with your mom jokes, me with my dad jokes, just trying to keep people safe.”

Superbad star Seth Rogen then joined the fun, bringing his stoner wisdom into the mix.

“People of British Columbia! Please do not go out to parties and BBQs and other large gatherings! The COVID is still out there! It’s more fun to hang out alone and smoke weed and watch movies and TV shows anyway! Do that instead! Thank you!”

This isn’t the first time Rogen has convinced fans that weed is the way to get through the pandemic.

This summer, he participated in a live panel called “Reimaging Justice: Race, Cannabis, & Policing,” which featured a timely conversation between civil rights and cannabis activists.

During the chat, Rogen discussed the unfairness of the marijuana market, pointing out that white Americans can build wealth off selling legal cannabis while the history of cannabis in America has been chocked full of racism and discrimination.

If you are white people in the cannabis space, you should acknowledge the realities of the space you were entering and the conditions on which this industry was built and the history of cannabis in America,” Rogen said. 

During the early days of the pandemic, Rogen also revealed he was getting by thanks to his ungodly weed stash.

You can always count on Rogen to bring people together with laughter and ganja.



Seth Rogen speaking at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con International for Preacher at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California_Gage Skidmore