The 10 Best Things To Do While High

Activities to Enjoy With a Side Of Cannabis

You may be the kind of weed user who likes to kick back after a long day and relax with your bong, blunt, or whatever instrument you use to achieve the perfect high. Sure, it feels great to just chill. But ask yourself this: have you wanted to do more while high, but you aren’t sure what tasks would be worth trying? This list might be exactly what you’re looking for.

1) Take A Bath


Whether your body is sore or you need to warm-up, taking a hot bath is one of the most soothing things you can do in the comfort of your own home. Most people spice up their bath with scented bubbles or colourful bath bombs. With a bit of weed, this serene experience will truly feel like a comforting escape.

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2) Exercise


You might be surprised to hear that plenty of gym hounds love cannabis. There are many reasons why you might take a hit before exercising. First, it gives your metabolism a boost. Second, it actually helps with balance while running. The plant can also help you concentrate on the contraction of particular muscle groups.

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3) Clean Your House


Everyone says they hate cleaning the house until they finally build up the will to do it – it’s always more fun than expected! You’ll find hidden belongings you’d long forgotten about, and you’ll have a new perspective on your home while coming up with the most creative organization solutions.

4) Play With Your Kids


Many pot-using parents say the plant actually helps them develop a better relationship with their kids. Naysayers will say it’s irresponsible, but think of all the benefits. You’ll come up with fun, creative ways to play, and your kids will love seeing you more relaxed.

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5) Go To The Movies


There are some movies you just have to see while high – dumb comedies and mind-bending thrillers come to mind. But have you been high in the movie theatre before? The vast darkness of the theatre truly draws you into what’s on the big screen, and that overflowing bag of popcorn will be extra satisfying.


 6) Dine Out


This one is self-explanatory. Whether you’re grabbing fast food or a full meal on a patio, everything is more delicious when you’re high. You might even be in the perfect mindset to try something new.

7) Explore Nature


You’re lucky if you live near a mountain, forest, or beach. But if you’re living area is too urban, try finding the nearest trail or suburban area with some fragment of nature. Cannabis can help you reconnect with nature, and the relief that comes with that connection is truly priceless.

8) Get It On


No, but seriously: you may feel your physical stamina increase along with the duration. Plus, cannabis can relieve anxiety, so you can truly dive into all of your pleasures.

9) Prayer And Meditation


Rastafarianism, an Abrahamic religion that was developed in Jamaica almost 100 years ago, worded it best in this philosophy:

“The herb is the key to the new understanding of the self, universe and God. It is the vehicle to cosmic consciousness.”

If you’re a religious or spiritual person, you may choose to incorporate cannabis into your worship or ritual of choice.

10) Watch The News – Or As Much Of It As You Can Stomach


It would be hard to absorb all of the chaos unfolding in the world without something to cool us down. And with a U.S. election approaching in a matter of months, we’re certain it’s going to get uglier. Let cannabis be your guide as you stay connected to world issues. But remember, it’s important to prioritize self-care. Take a break when you need to.