Weed Loving Mouse Passes Out After Snacking On Cannabis

New Brunswick Man Finds Mouse Nibbling On His Cannabis Plants

Historically, mice have been known to snack on cheese, fruit, and grains. But one man in New Brunswick, Canada discovered that a mouse had been getting high on his supply, eating his cannabis leaves in his backyard.


In a Facebook post that has since gone viral, Colin Sullivan of New Brunswick shared photos of the mouse, passed out after devouring leaves from his plant. Sullivan explained that he had caught the mouse nibbling on the leaves two days in a row. The mouse must have had a serious case of the munchies, considering how visibly high it looked.

Posted by Colin Sullivan on Sunday, 6 September 2020

In the pun-laced Facebook post, Sullivan wrote:

“On The Rodent to Redemption! After a long and desperate battle with addiction, this little mouse has grinded up his struggle, picked out the seeds and stems, and is ready to roll out.

‘Weed’ all benefit from ‘jointing’ together to help the smoke clear in any addict’s life. He did his very ‘Cannibest’ and was awarded his first 12 Step chip.”

He continued, saying farewell to the cannabis-loving critter:

“I may have been the one to open his cage, but he was the one who set himself free. So long my friend, ‘till we meet again.”

New Brunswick’s History With Cannabis

Though recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada in 2018, each province still has its own laws pertaining to the plant. In New Brunswick, legally, you must be 19 or older to purchase, possess, cultivate, or consume cannabis – and it is not legal to consume it in public. No word yet on whether the mouse was legal age or if it will be charged with public consumption. New Brunswick also has one legal retailer, called Cannabis NB.

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Before the federal government legalized cannabis, the province had its own history with the plant. In 2003, a medical cannabis business called Saint John Cannabis Café opened, technically against the law. Police did not intervene, though – even though the café was housed across the street from a police station. The cafe was quite popular, reportedly getting 200 customers per day.

In 2016, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police raided a medical cannabis dispensary located on the Tobique First Nation reserve in the province. The dispensary, Tribal ReLeaf, was technically illegal under federal law, but it was approved by the band council as it held high value to the community. The area had its battles with drug abuse, and the dispensary was seen as a contributor to healing within the community. Though the dispensary reopened after the raid, members of Tobique First Nation were upset with the RCMP.

“There are people angry,” said Gerald Bear, who ran the dispensary. “Just look at the optics. You’re running a First Nations-owned pain management center, regulated by our chief and council. Our government.”